Nice Nice Records is a new East London based DIY record label.

With the aching self awareness that one might feel conjuring up a profile for a dating website and the knowledge that nearly everything written in an attempt to define your own musical style sounds like total horseshit, we will nevertheless attempt a combination of these things.

So here goes, ..

Our record label wants to fashion a roster of artists who are happy to surf between ‘-waves’ 😐….and dig to the centre of more than one ‘-core’. .😐😐…..Our artists might be likely to pillage from the future….😋..to decorate the past,….. or vice versa.🤔

They may also have a penchant for the odd crystalline melody,🤤 a fondness for glib humour, 😱a sweet spot for sci-fi 👾👾and body horror, 👹😶or perhaps an obsession with the years 1975-85 ….😎and a fetish for synthetic sparkling sonics, …🤑Or a yearning for sublime introspective expression .. 😨.but then again, they may not.

Having had a think, IIII think our primary focus might be releasing music that POPS, but it doesn’t need to BE ‘Pop’.. so strictly TRANSGENRE. Basically we knows what we likes.

None the wiser? Ok.., see band info pages, podcasts and event posters for vaguely more relevent information. Or simply check out those tunes.(?!)


Nice Nights Records arises from the popular monthly Dalston Live Music event ‘Nice Nights’ which pleased punters throughout 2015/16 at Farrs School of Dancing. It featured a range of artists including Virgin Kids, Paul Hawkins and the Awkward Silences, Big Girls, Lead Sister, Tomorrow’s Bacon, Executive Toys, Cursor Major, Safari Suite and many more.

It popped until it dropped. But it’s coming back. We’re planning more events for 2017 so keep in touch.

Thanks for reading, if you did. Dinner sometime? (God, really hoping it doesn’t come across like some smoothie press release..)